Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Heroes, My boys and Character.

I just saw The Amazing Spider Man with my boys tonight.  I was hoping for a good film and it exceeded my expectations.  Ash made it through about 2/3 of the film before he crawled up in my lap for a better view - then subsequently fell asleep.  However, TK was captivated by the entire experience.  If he had a real web-slinger, everyone sitting around us would have been tripping over lines of web all over the theater as they attempted to exit.  

I enjoyed the previous Spider Man series, but this one added another dimension of character (and dare I say a tad bit more credibility)... ok... I know... but for a superhero movie - they did a good job (even though there are no such things as giant lizards ripping apart NY Taxi Cabs).   

What's more, I appreciated the level of integrity that was portrayed in this film.  It's rare to have heroes that take seriously the attitude that goes with the line, "... with great power comes great responsibility."  

So, I guess it was ok that the boys hit their pillows tonight still loosely curling their ring and middle fingers against their palms, ready to fire off a line of web to rescue someone in need. 

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