Saturday, January 15, 2011

Highlights from Amy, Sasha and their team in Haiti

Friday morning Jan 15:  

To put it in perspective, the 11 member team left Thurs morning in two waves from JFK and all arrived in Haiti about 1500 Thursday afternoon.

Amy writes:  
 “The internet is sporadic at best but we're having a great time.  Sasha loves it here!  It’s so much like Ethiopia it took my breath away at the airport. 
We did a Med clinic yesterday [Thur. 1/14].   

We helped diagnose high blood pressure, malaria, congestive heart failure, diabetes, viral infections, etc.  We went to the orphanage on Thursday as well and held a beautiful little baby boy. Breaks your heart.  We took pictures of the kids eating their porridge for dinner.   I was crying so hard I could barely take pictures.  So hard to believe we are so very close to home and the need is so great.  Off to work at the clinic again this morning.  We have tons of pictures, will try to send some soon."