Thursday, June 28, 2012

Updates on Go-Haiti

The following posts will provide you with some insight to our experiences together in our last several days in Haiti last summer.

I've intended to write earlier, but have had to put it on the back burner until now.  
However, since I've connected with Dr Franco over the last few weeks - I just had to share the exciting things that God has been doing with Go Haiti in Port Au Prince the last few months.  

I plan to write here more often from now on, so I look forward to our interaction together in the days to come.  That said, let me first share some quick updates and for additional details check:  

Recent Achievements at Go-Haiti: 

I will list more updates as I have them.  

The accounts of the ministry projects from last year are recorded in earlier posts, but the second week is when it all came together - at least most of the time.  So, the following posts are "snapshots" of those experiences and holy moments we were privileged to be a part of....

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