Thursday, January 14, 2010

Travel date confirmed -HERE WE GO!

We bought flight tix today...
(I have a good friend who flies F-15E's, I wish he could take us)

To bring you all up to speed, here's some of the things going on the background -
Over the last two days, I’ve had some additional communication with SIM Ethiopia, AHOPE, and Food for the Hungry - which has helped to put some remaining details in order for the Vision and Serving portion of our trip as well.

The team is made up of:
Roger Martin - Sr Pastor of our church (
Roger has an awesome heart for people, and has led his own family so well.  Roger knows himself well, and communicates truth well through his authentic living.  I look forward to see what God will do in Rog through this trip, and how it will affect our Church as a whole.

Rachel Martin, Roger's college age daughter who is looking forward to investigating Africa as a possible long term personal mission as well.  Rachel is so talented in so many ways... She will be a huge help with Kenni, and helping all of us see things on this trip that we may never take in without her keen eye to see God's fingerprints in even the most unlikely places.  Rachel is so sincere and has a gift with young children - anywhere she is showing unconditonal love.  Some have even shared that they wonder if Rachel will even come back to the US.  If she does, I don't think it will be long before she returns.  ... On a bit of a selfish note - I am stoked to see how she captures the "normal" (and the most unique) elements of this trip with her camera for life-long memories. 
Trent Donohue - Awesome Husband to wife Dawn, and Dad to their three kids.  (Trent and Dawn don't know exactly what may transpire in the lives of their family through this trip, but they're filled with anticipation!)  Trent is a great thinker and detailed planner, he will be a valuable asset to this team in many ways to help us assess our opportunities in Ethipia.

Josh Shook - a 20-something with a great heart, and lots ahead of him.  Josh has SO much to offer.  His dilligence, commitment in his walk with Jesus and humble spirit is a perfect fit with his servant-leader gifts.  He's got a sensitive and dedicated heart to move with God's nudges.  It will be interesting to see the God's next steps for Josh through this adventure.

Kendalyn Zipf - 8year old... going on 17 I think.  Kenni is our first-born.  Her incessant reading, academic mind, passion to serve and leadership-framework is a force to be reconed with even now.  Amy and I began to discuss investing into Kenni in this way months ago- and we have become even more convinced that taking this challenging yet intentional step with her will have an invaluable impact on her life.  This time with her will be a life-memory for both of us.  We also forsee the great potential in the connection she will have with Ashebir when we meet him for the first time - it could be one of the most impressional experiences of all of especially their lives and has the power to be very influential in the transisition our family will experience in the months ahead. 

...and Me.  I wish Amy could be with us.  She has blessed my life so incredibly, and not only would I love her to be with me when we meet Ashebir for the first time, there is no other individual I'd rather share this entire endevor with.  God has used Amy to change my life, and I love her more everyday for it.  So, if it's BASE jumping, attacking Waimea,  or Walking for clean water... there's no one else I'd rather be with.

After we arrive and get settled in at the SIM Guesthouse, we'll have the privilege to bring medicines and supplies we've obtained from Cross Link International to bring to AHOPE for Children in Addis.
Check out CrossLink's work around the world - they do great work.  (

Now, we just prepare for Take Off.

I'm sure Josh would appreciate a big welcoming party on Friday Feb. 12th when he gets back to Hartford as well.

If you want to come meet us at the Airport on Feb. 19th in Providence it would be great to see you.  Besides, It would be good to have the extra help to bring home all our stuff.
We'll attempt to keep this blog updated through our time in Ethiopia, but the internet connection is sporadic at best there. 

Lastly, here's our Rough Itinerary …

(2/3) DEPART HARTFORD - Wed Feb 3 @1:50p

(2/4) Arrive in Addis- Thurs evening Feb. 4 and stay at the SIM Guesthouse
(2/4) Friday – Morning - Bingham Academy visit till about noon (approx)
Afternoon – AHOPE Visit to bring donated Medical Supplies and spend time with children and AHOPE Staff.

(2/5) Saturday AM– Pack up at SIM, meet up with FH Staff for our adventure to Ziway! (We may not be able to visit CURE until we return to Addis the following week.)

We would remain with FH Staff until our Return to Addis on Thurs evening 2/11.

(2/11) Thurs evening – arrive at CHSFS Guesthouse and spend the following several days finalizing Ashebir’s Adoption (the 300.00 cash USD would be due to CHSFS then)

(2/12) Friday - Meet Ashebir in the AM!
JOSH will be arriving back in Hartford Friday morning since he is not able to stay for the second week.

(2/13-2/17) Sat-Mon - Time with Ashebir, interact and time with the other adoption families from the group, short trips around Addis – Shopping and Museum visit, etc.

(2/16) Tue – US Embassy Visit to get Asheibir’s Visa and Passport

(2/17) Wed - time with Adoption families, around Addis... and debrief with Families to transistion home.

(2/18) Thurs eve Depart Addis for HOME.

(2/19) Fri Arrive home to PROVIDENCE (via Dulles)


  1. Sounds terrible......oh wait...
    that is just my jealousy talking..te he.

    I am so so so exicted to hear all about your trip! I am thrilled for you to bring Ashebir home. Woot!! So glad the big day is finally here!

    Of course you know that we will be thinking of you and we hope you have an amazing trip!

  2. I check this blog every day - I can't wait to see how things transpire and how God touches all of you on this special mission!!!

  3. Pete,
    We are praying for you every day. Kennie, we send our love to you, for all you will be doing to make Ashebir feel loved and welcome into your family. We hope you are all having a great time in Africa! Love from Papa and Grammie


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