Wednesday, January 13, 2010

moving around in the starting block...

We're preparing to launch...but...
Unfortunately we still do not have the CONFIRMED word yet on Ashebir’s Medical paperwork that is being processed by the US Embassy in Addis. I hope that CHSFS will have that information soon, but as diligent as they are, we are all at the mercy of the government processes at this point. This information is the LAST piece we need to finalize a travel date. As of now, we are moving ahead as if we are departing on Feb 3 and returning Feb. 19. (I will ask our agency tomorrow if they have a date by which they would decide to postpone this until March.)

Over the last two days, I’ve had some additional communication with SIM Ethiopia, AHOPE, and Food for the Hungry - which has helped to put some remaining details in order.

I will address the details below, but please take immediate action on the following items. The most time critical items are our application and participation fees to FH for the first part of our trip.

1. Print and Complete the Application Then, fax OR scan and email to Kristin Brooks by Friday Jan. 15

2. The Disclosure of Risk must be Notarized (pg 5 of the Application)

a. Kristen Brooks: or FAX to her at 480-889-5401

3. 175.00 - Send this participation/Ethiopian Staff fee for our Trip with Food for the Hungry by Monday Jan 18 or before.

a. 390.00 is needed to be sent by Wed Jan 20th in a separate payment to cover food water lodging and transportation ($78.00/day).

4. Print the directions to and purchase International Health Insurance.
5. Current Passport with 6 mos prior to expiration date.

6. Immunizations Current?

Additional Costs to be expected:

The first week:

$100.00 – for SIM Guesthouse Fees on Thurs/Friday Nights and Meals. This is a LIBERAL estimate. I have not received a response yet on our Rate at this SIM Guesthouse, but if you plan on $100.00 for our time there you’ll be over prepared. This will need to be in CASH and they do accept US Currency.

$50.00 – For a hippo expedition boat ride and a half day trip to a beach park with wildlife.

(I will double check to see if this is to be paid there or before we leave.)

Once we pay FH - everything is all inclusive except snacks or souvenirs.

The second week:

$300.00 (CASH USD) to CHSFS for the week – All meals and transportation are included. This is to be paid in cash upon arrival at CHSFS Guesthouse on Thurs night Feb. 11th (Josh will not need to pay this since he is departing for the US that night.)

Recommended SPENDING MONEY (just personal thoughts here) – Last time we brought $200.00 extra per person and we were fine.

As soon as Kristin gets that info and money from us, she will send the FH TShirts and Training Manuals.

Additional Info:

Attachments: Info Sheet about Ziway Jido, Ethiopia, Application, US Embassy Reg Info, International Health Insurance info.

Medical Donations for AHOPE

Earlier this week, I contacted Melinda at Crosslink International. Cross Link specializes in low-cost (and some donated) Medicines and Medical Supplies for organizations like AHOPE and other Medical Mission organizations all over the world!

Based on my latest conversations with Roger and AHOPE, we are going to use the 1300.00 we have allocated for AHOPE to purchase as much as we can of the most significant prescription medicines. Crosslink has that info, and are working on assembling the Meds now.

It has been recommended by CURE Int’l. staff that we get a REFERENCE LETTER from Crosslink and AHOPE to Travel with Medicines.

Dress Code: Regarding dress, we ask for modesty and that you wear closed toed shoes at all times while out in the community. Pants and t-shirts are fine for everyone, long capris ok for girls. For church, it is nice if the girls wear a long skirt and if the guys wear a collared shirt.

List of Amenities

Batteries, Laptop?, AC Adapters for Africa, Personal OTC Meds, Water purifier?, TO BE continued…

Rough Itinerary – Slight change from the last proposal…

(2/3) DEPART THE USA - Wed Feb 3

(2/4) Arrive in Addis- Thurs evening Feb. 4 and stay at the SIM Guesthouse (I am awaiting confirmation correspondence SIM.)

(2/4) Friday – Morning - Bingham Academy visit till about noon (approx) -- (I am awaiting confirmation correspondence from Bingham.)

Afternoon – AHOPE Visit to bring donated Medical Supplies and spend time with children and AHOPE Staff.

(2/5) Saturday AM– Pack up at SIM, meet up with FH Staff for our great adventure to Ziway! (We may not be able to visit CURE or AHOPE again until we return to Addis the following week.)

We would remain with FH Staff until our Return to Addis on Thurs evening 2/11.

(2/11) Thurs evening – arrive at CHSFS Guesthouse and spend the following several days finalizing Ashebir’s Adoption (the 300.00 cash USD would be due to CHSFS then)

(2/12) Friday - Meet Ashebir in the AM!

(2/13-2/17) Sat-Wed - Time with Ashebir, interact and time with the other adoption families from the group, short trips around Addis – Shopping and Museum visit, etc.

(2/16) Tue – US Embassy Visit to get Asheibir’s Visa and Passport

(2/ 18) Thurs eve Depart Addis for USA.

(2/19) Arrive home.

Confirmed travelers so far are:

Trent Donohue, Roger Martin, Rachel Martin, Josh Shook, Pete Zipf, Kendalyn Zipf

Lastly, we should all meet sometime soon to work out the last details and questions and pray together. Maybe at the Zipf house on Friday night January 22nd unless someone has a better idea??

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