Monday, November 2, 2009 a child with a strong personality

Go figure...would you have guessed that Ashebir would have any other type of personality.

That info, came in a detailed report of Ashebir. He's doing awesome. I can't share a lot of detail here now, but I will share more when he's through court. As of now, his court date has been moved back to Nov. 20th. We don't know the status of the lady who is connected to him - she is the one that needs to attend court on his behalf - but please continue to keep her in prayer. We don't know what her health condition is right now, but she had - or still has malaria. We are disappointed that it is delayed more now, but we know that his loving and nurtureing care providers are lovingly caring for him, and ultimately, we know Who's hands he's in.

I fly home tomorrow morning from Brussels... I'll arrive back home around 9p EST. more soon.

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