Tuesday, October 20, 2009

court date... almost.

I got a call yesterday from our Agency Rep and she said that Ashebir's court date was scheduled for Wednesday - this week!

Yeah... that's what I thought. You've gotta be kidding!

I know that these dates often shift - even with a "sure thing" like this - so as our agent and I talked some more, she agreed that it was possible for the date to shift, but at that point to plan on Ashebir's process to be expedited.

Now.... today Tuesday 10/20
We received communication today, that the lady who brought Ashebir to the care center is ill.
She is the one who would be required to be in court to finalize the separation papers and because she is ill, she cannot attend this week.
Please pray with us for her health - and for the details to be worked out.

At this point, we still anticipate a December or January travel time.

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