Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ashebir Update

We just got a new pic of Ashebir today! He's doing awesome! We'll post them as soon as he gets through court...
He's progressing really well - he's now about 25lbs and 31" - Funny, that's the identical dimentions of TK right now. It'll be cool to see how he develops when he comes home. TK grew like crazy when he came home.

more to come...

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  1. Hi Pete and Amy-I just found your blog. What fun! I read one post about going to Ethiopia and wondering if anyone knew about how to get involved. I know Compassion International is at work in Addis because we have sponsored a child there for 12 years. So, maybe that might be something to look into. I'm not sure what you have in mind. Anyway, Praise God for all He is doing in your family! Can't wait to see pictures of your little guy! We are finishing up our home study:) We have decided to adopt from India because we have several connections to that country. We just are waiting on the Lord and trusting with each step of this incredible journey! Sally Parmenter


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