Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pressing on

The last couple weeks have been encouraging for us and we are beginning to have some renewed peace. Amy was released to drive and return to work on Friday 4/12.  They've eased her back in at work.. and she's starting to get her groove back.   

The recent visit we had with Dr Miller in NYC (for a second opinion) proved to be a huge blessing. We saw him together on 4/10 and he spent an hour and a half with us.  He was unphased by any of our questions, concerns or Amy's symptoms.  He also told us that what we thought were seizures were not seizures at all, but spasms directly related to MS, which are treatable.  (She's not had any of those spasms for over a month now.)  

Then after all that, Dr Miller scheduled an appointment see her less than a week later to discuss a treatment plan.  

So, on that Monday (4/15) Amy took Ash and made a date of it.  He had an awesome time with Mommy and can't wait to ride the train again.  

Based on that appointment, Dr Miller gave us insight on the best treatment plan which she’s begun this week.  The most difficult thing is waiting to see how this med will help… Any of the meds will take six months in her system to determine its effectiveness.  So, for now we take comfort in the fact that God will continue to lead as we press on with Him.  


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