Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aiming for Extraordinary

In light of the state of our nation, our status with the rest of the world, the priorities our culture deems as most important, in the midst of a culture that encourages thoughtless debt, our increasingly litigious society in a country filled with unethical businesses and politicians (on both sides of the isle) -- all being watched by generation of adolescents that will bear the weight of the choices that the "mature" make today... I'd like to encourage fellow parents with the following thoughts:

If you are self motivated and pursued significant steps in your career or just with life in general -train your kids... challenge them to do the same. They won't learn it by spectating. Don't allow them to sit on the couch for hours at a time while you "provide the life you've always wanted for them." If you aren't intentional, if you don't hold them accountable, they won't get it... it's harder, but it's worth it.

I do not believe I have all the answers...and I don't believe that the specific direction that my wife and I are leading our family will achieve perfect results. I'm terribly flawed and am incredibly appreciative of the wisdom shared by those that help to refine my life. However, after seeing so much potential be wasted... I refuse to take the easy route.

Our previous generations have had the best intentions to provide "a better life" for their children.. the only problem is that we've created a generation of those who don't understand the value of dollar, the hard work that goes into it, and the struggle that is required to achieve the goals and milestones to gain the wisdom and maturity to know how valuable that process its. don't settle for what everyone else claims is acceptable... the last I checked... Status Quo didn't achieve extraordinary.

What changes do you need to make personally?
What changes will you make with your family time? 
What are the goals you're pursuing with your kids? 
What will achieving those goals produce... really?
We're on a relentless pursuit... and we'd love to learn from you... how are you leading your kids to be exceptional?

What are you willing to change to pursue extraordinary?  

Are you with us?

(See: Dt. 6:6-9, Joshua 24:15, Rom. 12:1-2, Heb. 4:12, 1Cor. 9:24-25, Heb. 12:1-2,)

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