Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fat Lip

I was scolding Ashebir for something he did... and he required a bath.  I was trying hard to be patient and was exhibiting it on the outside for Ash's sake but internally I was mad.  Then, when I was drying off Ashebir he said, "Daddy wassat?"... as he pointed in my mouth... I was really puzzled and thought it was a subconcious means of diverting my frustration with him... I was short with him and said, "I don't have anything in my mouth."  "He said, no...wassat?"
When I was in second grade, I was ice skating on a basketball court turned outdoor neighborhood ice rink.  They were a brand new pair of skates and I got a little too sure of my self - as I sometimes still do today - and as a result of showing off, I slipped and fell.  I fell hard.  In the fall, I smacked my chin on the ice, resulting in my two front teeth biting through my lower lip.  With blood dripping down my face and coat, I walked to a nearby friends house who called my parents, who then took me for an ER visit.  I left with four or five stiches in my mouth above and below my lower lip.

Ashebir wasn't asking about anything inside my mouth.  He was pointing to the scars that he saw.
Wounds create scars.  Some you see, others you don't.

I needed his reminder today.

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