Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birth Certificate complete! But, still waiting for a travel date

We got Ashebir's birth certificate earlier this week, but due to the continued backlog at the Embassy we won't have the Passport and Visa for Ashebir until the final Medical Exam is done that the US Gov't Requires.  At this point it still looks like a February travel time...

The following is the response from our agency regarding the travel date details as of now -

Hi Pete,

There are a few more steps that have to be completed in Ethiopia before we could give you a tentative travel date. The Embassy medical exam is the final step. As soon as we have an update about Ashebir’s medical exam, I’ll let you know. Then we’ll be much closer to planning for specific dates.

The Embassy appointments are currently only twice a month and we have many families already scheduled for the January appointments. We work closely with the Embassy to try to get additional appointments when needed, but we can only appeal for those appointments once a child has passed through the medical exam process.

We'll keep you posted!

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